In Canada, most seagulls are Herring Gulls Larus argentatus. The sexes look much alike, but the males are usually bigger than the females. The underparts are pure white. The adult winter plumage, which looks like the juvenile plumage, lacks the black head and breast bands. In North America, this brownish-grey chickadee is found in a small corner of the northwestern Yukon and eastern Alaska, where it lives in the willow and spruce woods bordering the treeline. The average weight of the female is 2. Red kites have been saved from the brink of extinction, with sucessful reintroduction projects up and down the country.
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Common Winter Backyard Birds for South Carolina

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Wing Tips: Identifying our birds of prey

They have relatively non descript dark dusky brown body plumage that transitions into a light brown, grey head characterized by a dark eye stripe. As early as February or March a Downy Woodpecker pair indicate that they are occupying their nesting site by flying around it and by drumming short, fast tattoos with their bills on dry twigs or other resonant objects scattered about the territory. Inflatable red combs above their eyes, which are especially evident in territorial and courting males, are inconspicuous to barely visible in females. Males and females have identical plumage. The female of each species grows larger than the male. Most golden eagles live in the Scottish Highlands, although there are sometimes sightings of eagles in Cumbria.
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Migration Research Foundation - McGill Bird Observatory - Photo Library - White-breasted Nuthatch

At other nesting sites, the species breeds in loose colonies and the egg and chick period is January to May. Thus, the length of the tusk may indicate social rank through dominance hierarchies and assist in competition for access to females. The Atlantic Cod may live as long as 25 years. In winter, male—and some female—Rock Ptarmigans sport a black stripe that extends through the eye to the bill as if they had put on charcoal goggles to prevent snow blindness , distinguishing them from male Willow Ptarmigans. Narwhals Monodon monoceros are considered medium-sized odontocetes, or toothed whales the largest being the sperm whale, and the smallest, the harbour porpoise , being of a similar size to the beluga, its close relative. Do birds of a feather really flock together? The white-bellied storm petrel is rare in New Zealand.
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And where do most birds gather in Canada? A good way to identifiy a hobby is that it looks almost like a giant swift. In summer they are black on the back, neck, and upper breast and glossy white below—they look as if they are wearing elegant dinner jackets. Seen from afar, Harlequin Ducks can be distinguished from other sea ducks by several features. Often, they will 'quarter' their hunting ground, which means they fly up and down the field in lines looking for birds and mammals. One must be cautious when identifying this bird in the field.
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Identfy white breasted bird

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